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This is a new section to which I will be adding more. Many of you have written to ask for sample e-business plans. While these are proprietary and not shared with the public, I have scoured the web to look for sample plans and guidance to help you. Having written numerous successfully funded plans for both private and public sector organizations, I know that starting with a model helps overcome the "blank page" terror. Following are some of the initial links I have found; please send me yours!

  • BusinessPlans.org is the holy grail of business planning, because it includes the sample business plans presented to venture capitalists at the annual MootCorp competition at the University of Texas by top MBA students from around the world. 
  • Newsweek's Sites for e-Biz Entrepreneuers is a list of 103 great web sites to use when starting a small e-business.
  • Starting a family e-business? SmartBiz's Family Business Site has small business articles and links.
  • NEBS Business Plan Template. Per the authors, "this Template is a powerful interactive tool you can use to write your own business plan in a comfortable and easy step-by-step fashion." Seemed pretty easy for first-time planners to generate on online plan immediately!
  •  BPlans.com offers business planning advice, how-to guides and sample business plans for mostly offline businesses, although they've added a few online business plans as well. One example is for a fictitious children's web site. They try to sell their planning software, but the samples give you a good idea. 
  • BizPlanit.com helps critique your business plan by pointing out common mistakes and generic advice section by section. 

E-mail me @mjb@webpractices.comPlease send your suggested e-business planning resources to me at mjb@webpractices.com.