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Thanks to everyone who suggested good and bad sites to go with my own suggestions. Keep 'em coming! Currently they focus on bad interfaces. More to come in the future.

How to make sure your site never gets on the "worst" list? Visit Creative Good's main site, its GoodExperience.com site, and its co-branded E-Business Best Practices e-commerce site with ZDNet for more examples and information on usability.

Good Sites:

Smarter Kids.com is one of the leaders of toys in the dot com world.
They have an amazing review system of product. They describe to their customers how they rate and review product. They have parents and teachers review product as well.

Poor Sites:

Your Suggested Examples of Poor Sites: 

Following are sites that were suggested to me by you out there as "not the best" sites. Some were cited for poor or unintelligible navigation, outrageous long-loading graphics or even bad post-sale service. 

E-mail me @mjb@webpractices.comPlease send your suggested best and worst sites to me at mjb@webpractices.com.